Tips Caring for Computer Hard Drive

Hardisk frequent error, here are tips and tricks to keep your computer hard drive and remain durable good. 

1.Installlah an antivirus just in case if there is a virus that will attack and destroy your data .. if can be regularly updated antivirus .. list tough new anti-virus here
2.Usahakan to always make backups of important data.

 3.Gunakan ScanDisk to check whether there batsector in the hard disk.
 4.selalu do Defragment 2 weeks of data in the hard disk so that data is always neat.
 5.Gunakan third-party software to clean up junk files, duplicate files, and recycle byn .. you can use the System Cleaner
 6.Jangan too often revoke and replace the hard drive because the hard drive into the CPU .. very sensitiv.jika exposed to shocks, then the data in the hard disk data loss risk.
 7.jangan store data too banyak.maksudnya not to free hard drive until a few kylobyte .. but give a little to hard drive space is not too crowded at least reserving about 20 MB .. if you use Windows usually will appear warning if our hard drive is too full.
 8.uninstall programs that are not useful in order not to burden the hard drive.

9.Pakailah UPS or Stavolt .. Pointless if we use the UPS is if we're using the computer when suddenly the power goes out, the computer will not directly mati.jadi we can first save the new data dimatikan.Komputer who die suddenly without the prior shutdown will make a fast hard drive is damaged.
 10.ventilasi enough .. do not put the CPU in place that are too tight or narrow .. because it can make out so air can not cause the disk to be fast panas.Jadi should select the CPU that has a lot of fans and put in place a rather broad.
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